Friday, February 15, 2013


This is "Suriya", one of my paintings for Ladies of Animation show at GRspace. It is 13x13 in., gouache on paper.

I started this one first out of my five pieces, but didn't finish it until later toward the end of the set. I usually sketched my composition as tiny thumbnails, then correcting &finalizing it in computer. But somehow this one took a traditional route all the way to a finished piece. So I thought it might be fun to post the previous sketches along with it.

The image below is about 5x5 inches. I did this on animation paper. I was surprised it took water-based medium pretty well.

When I doubled the size of the piece, I also changed the appearance of the figure. I went with a nude figure instead since the theme is about figures being suspended in their moments under water.

Then it was transfered and painted, but I felt something was missing. I went away to work on other pieces in the meantime. I wasn't sure what I thought was missing from the picture.

Over a week, I tried echoing the shape of her hair and the ripple pattern started forming. And I'd never been as excited about water ripples until now. The ripples eventually beat out the bubbles.

When I arrived at this conclusion, I switched the palette back to warmer red. Gouache has its mysterious way of appearing like one color when it was wet and switching into another color when it got dried. So while dealing with that, I didn't take process photos of this piece.

I have a process photo set coming up for another painting, though. Stay tuned!