Monday, July 16, 2012

Graffiti in Venice

While everyone was having fun at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, we were in Toluca Lake having breakfast and moping around about not having Comic Con badges this year.

Then we remembered talking about wanting to do graffiti at Venice Art Walls a while ago. 

Flash back to 2006. The day we moved from Ohio to New York City, we drove a U-Haul across the bridge into Queens, took a wrong turn down some alley under a highway and found this

It was an amazing sight. Five Pointz is a 200,000 sq ft factory building covered entirely with graffiti. We were super inspired by this. We wanted to paint there, but before we had a chance, we packed up and moved to Los Angeles.

So the past Saturday we thought "hey, let's do it today."

Two art stores later, we got our spray paints and couple different caps. Caps come in various sizes, and there're also different variations of calligraphy caps.
We arrived and got a permit to paint. For the small walls, we didn't need to show any kind of portfolio. It's a good place to practice.

Ryan sketched out our new cat, little Gizmo.

We chose a space that didn't look like we would be tagging on anyone's fresh paint. And we got to work.

I didn't take a lot of progress photos since I was busy climbing up and down a wall. I have never seen people using ladders there, though. I started to wonder if all graffiti artists are just naturally really tall.

You can buy these Montana Gold cans at most of the art stores. It's a low-pressure system spray paint. We found that the extra fine and calligraphy caps gave pretty accurate detailed strokes.

Finished! More next week, hopefully!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Black&White : Exploration in Pen & Ink

We have a new show coming up this Saturday July 7th at QPop Shop in Downtown LA.  The reception is at 7pm. So come on by to hang out with us!

Here's a piece by Ryan:
Title: Founding Frontier
6" by 12"
Medium: Pen, ink and spray paint on wood.

And this is my contribution to the show:
Title: Shy
5" by 7"
Medium: Ink stencil on paper.

Ryan started out his piece with a sketch on paper.

Then, he spray painted the wood panel to get the distressed texture before he sketched over it with these pens.

Ink wash on textured wood! 

I usually sketch my comp on computer, but this time I was crazy enough to do it on paper.

I had imagined this piece to be done in stencil technique. That was before I realized I haven't touch exacto knife in a long long time.  So there was a lot of experimental cutting and stenciling...
With the help of transparent tape, I was able to mask off the small negative space.

Then, finished it off with pen detailing.
Hope you guys make it to the show! It's way more fun looking at these in person.