Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Postcards are Fun.

One day, during high school years, I got a postcard from my classmate.

The message was pretty simple. I didn't really understand why she sent it to me.

And we sat next to each other at school all day. There was no mentioning of this.

But it seemed mysteriously fun, so I got her address from our homeroom list and I wrote her a postcard.

It felt weirdly satisfying for some reason. I just documented 2 minutes of my thoughts and sent it out to the world, openly to whoever saw it in the postal process.

Sometimes I wrote a quote I overheard from strangers, and occasionally, I drew.

It became a thing we did between friends. It grew from 2 to 5, to whoever wants to join in on this. I would always have stamps and an address book with me wherever I went.

I wrote it on a bus.

I sent it from any trip I went on.

I once wrote a message on a note pad and put a stamp on it. Thai Postal Service was so amazing that they put that flimsy piece of paper in a clear plastic sleeve and delivered it to my friend.

Most of my school friends aren't native to Bangkok(myself, included), so I got postcards from different parts of the country when we went on break. It was such a fun surprise every time something showed up in the mail.

We all had cellphones, we texted, we talked, but this was a fun thing that went on for a while.

Sadly, this is what I do now.

But not all is lost!

Ryan and I recently took a trip to Europe. I thought it was a good time to bring back my old crazy hobby.

These are all handmade postcards. I tried to paint on location as much as I could.

But winter in Italy was still pretty freaking cold!

I drew this on a paper table cloth at our last dinner in Rome. We were constantly lost, so this summed up our time in Italy pretty well without additional message.

Wow, this post is soooooo long. If you have read it this far, you all deserve a hug from Ryan.