Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skinny Jeans

Two Saturdays ago, Ryan and I joined a sketch group and we went to draw in Hollywood/Highland area. I've witnessed an overwhelming amount of stylish ladies wearing skinny jeans.

Everyone was wearing it, except for this woman.

And me.

Oh wait...

I think I have a pair of skinny jeans at home.

So Sunday came along, and it was time for me to resurrect my fashion sense.

Oh yeah!

They fit pretty well, I think. I mean...they were kinda tight, but that's what skinny jeans are all about, right?

We went out to brunch with our friends at Cheesecake Factory that morning. The breakfast portion isn't as humongous as the dinner one, which is good. I totally thought a pancake would be as big as a plate.

Then we went to a cast&crew screening of HOP. We didn't work on this movie, but we both storyboarded for Illumination last year and they were kind enough to send us tickets.

Things were going awesome until the moment we got home...


That was pretty messy, but Ryan pieced me back together pretty well. And now I'm back to eating donut in my non-skinny jeans. High five!

PS.HOP comes out APRIL 1st. And in case you're wondering, it is way cuter than Alvin and The Chipmunks:D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ipad Drawing and Stuff

Ryan's parents got us ipads last Christmas.

I just recently got a stylus pen and Sketchbook Pro app. So I was like - whoa! I can do digital painting anywhere now.

If I went to the beach and somehow found a dolphin who let me ride the wave on its back, I could also be painting at the same time.

I could also paint in space, such a good use of time!

But mostly, I end up in front of a TV.

For the past couple days, I've been painting at night. During the course of one painting, my ipad decided to randomly log off from Sketchbook Pro 3 times before I could save.

Why does it not have auto-saaaaaavveeeee!!!?!!

I didn't give up though. So here's a painting I did, entirely on an ipad.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Read and Animate

Last week Michelle and I went to George Washington elementary school in Burbank to do our little "Read and Animate" session for the 4th grade class.

Michelle did all the reading and I did the animating part which mean drawing really fast while Michelle was reading from "Sideway Stories from Wayside School." It sounded manageable when we signed up for it, but it turned out to be super hard for me. The kids laughed throughout our session, but I'm pretty sure they laughed at how crappy I drew.

During one of the short stories, Michelle thought it would be cool to write a "Discipline" section on the board since a lot of kids in our stories got their names written under it.

The problem was, I didn't know how to spell it.

I mean...I definitely know how to spell it! Don't believe me? Whatever, I was just blanking out.

I'm pretty sure it starts like this.


It was a lot of pressure, and I couldn't disappoint them.

They're only ten year olds. May be they don't know how to spell it either, right?

Oh crap, they do?

I guess Michelle already kept on reading while I was panicking about writing the word correctly. One kid actually said, "whoa, that is a hard word!" At least they learned something from us.

They're almost as tall as me. I should have listened to my mom about drinking all those milk and playing basketball and stuff.