Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tinker Bell 3D

I took a 10-week sculpture class this summer at work and I made Tinker Bell!

I never sculpted anything more than what I made out of play-doh when I was in elementary school. It was nice to get to do this with instructions. Ron Pekar is a very supportive teacher. He also teaches a few other art classes at Disney.

I'm sending Tink to be bronzed this week (to immortalize my mistakes forever:) Her wings are made separately and will be attached later, like this.

More of the close-ups.


Stu Livingston said...

Wow, very nice Fawn!

Carrie Liao said...

awesome! I like how it looks like tink, but even in sculpture it's distinctively your style :)

Fawn said...

Thanks, Stu and Carrie!

Boom Cookie said...

Cool Fawn!! :D Def jealous!! <3

. happisis . said...