Friday, August 19, 2011

Go, Keystone!

Whenever someone asks where I'm from, I answer, "Williamsport, Pennsylvania."

A common response is, "But you wear buttons," so I have to clarify, "No, no...I'm not Amish, but Amish country isn't TOO far away. Williamsport is the Home of Little League Baseball!"

That extra info seems to ring a bell for roughly 1 in 5 people. "Oh! That's that event where adults who painfully regret never making something of themselves put tremendous amounts of pressure on their kids and verbally abuse the umpires so that their team might have a slightly better chance of winning a plastic trophy!"

"Um, kinda...but I think they get medals instead of trophies."

Overall, the Little League World Series is a fun event with hotdogs, slushies, face paint, and a chance to catch a homerun ball. The event brings excitement to the city once a year and flows a little extra cash to the Williamsport economy.

This year is even more exciting for Pennsylvania fans, however, because a team from Clinton County, PA (named "Keystone") has made it to the playoffs. A Pennsylvania team hasn't won the Little League World Series since 1960, so a lot of locals will be losing their voices this weekend, I'm sure.

Best of luck, Keystone!


Betsy C. said...

We set a new attendance record tonight at Lamade Stadium.... with all the Keystone fans aboard! Over 41,000 people came to watch the local favorites play La Grange, Kentucky. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but we'll be back to take on Rhode Island tomorrow! Thanks for all your support!

Ryan Green said...

A win against Rhode Island! Still in it!

Bill Breneisen said...

Haha! Great blog. Funny that I found it today, because I, too am from Williamsport.

Ryan Green said...

Hey, Bill! Just looked you up. Message on the way...