Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's all about the dress.

2 really cool ladies I know are getting married, well, at two separate weddings.

Since I'm a bridesmaid to one of them, I get to look at a lot of wedding dress catalogs/magazines lately. And OMG, there are some very interesting choices out there.

Like this one.

Obviously, this isn't exactly what was in the magazine 'cause I drew it from my memory. But if you think "what the hell is the thingy on her head?", then you get the idea.

And Google images never let you down when it comes to weird stuff. I found this when I did a search for wedding dresses. How awesome.

I draw this one just for fun. I've been settling into a new job in the past month or so and haven't had much time to draw chicks on a blog (or anything on a blog) and our blog can always use more girl drawings:)


James Lien said...

Cool! My wife will wear the second pic dress

Carrie Liao said...

omg, that is not a real dress! D:

I am struck dumb with horror!

(PS weddings are so crazy, man.)

Nate Villanueva said...

i dont know what your talking about, those 2 look quite wedding casual to me. Id probably wear that second one when i go out to the discothèque.

rad sechrist said...


CARRIE said...

If I had my wedding to do over, I would totally wear the giant dildo cozy. It's truly a gown to remember.

kyle said...


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Love your chicks! And that other dress is nothing short of amazing.

Munchanka said...

That dress in the photo would definitely be cuter with bunny ears.

Fawn said...

James-I have to say that at least the second dress seems really comfy.

Carrie L-4realz,maaaannn.

Nate-Haha, I'm imagining the dance right now.


Carrie K-I think you could actually make this dress work. Are you and Tim planning a vow renewal any time soon?



Austin-I should have added those ears hahaha.

Gillibean said...

Is that phtotgraph a dress to get married in or a dress to get buried in???? I quire like the head dress of the first one though! Lovely illustrations.