Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bear Killer

Fawn and I went camping in Sequoia National Park a couple weeks ago. All over the campground were warning signs that tell you what to do if you encounter a bear: "Never surround a bear. Never separate a bear from her cubs. Make lots of noise. Don't run, but back away slowly." They had forgotten one rule: "Take your pocket knife and stab the crap out of a bear if it gets in your face."

We never saw a trace of bears the whole time (lucky for them), but I did slice open a package of firewood like a pro.


Fawn said...

is that real scale of you and a black bear? that bear must be huge.

Tobias Schwarz said...

That would be a sight. You trying to stab a bear with a pocket knife ;)

Joseph Cohen said...

I think you need to redefine your idea of pro, it took you like 5 hacks to get through that plastic. Thanks to you we had a great fire though.