Friday, October 30, 2009

Captain Cliche

Everyone's buzzin' around in his/her costume. The energy has me in a sketchy mood, so one for the road...

Frank This Time

Was still in the I scribbled a classic...

A Vampiratey Halloween

I drew a vampirate in celebration of Halloween...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Post-It Gallery

At WB, I was given a cubicle with a horribly, disgustingly, irritatingly clean door. I had to fix that problem immediately, so I grabbed a stack of Post-Its and a pen and got to work.

Five months later...

Here are some of the scan-worthy pieces from my door.

Kenneth the Page Talks About Responsibility

Last night was a season premiere of 30 Rock and also a premiere for this commercial spot we helped animate. It was aired during the break and it was awesome!.

The commercial was produced at Six Point Harness Studios in Hollywood. James Krenzke directed it and it was animated by James, Ed Skudder, Chris Martin, Ryan and I, and tons of others at Six Point (sorry, I don't know all the names involved.) Eventhough this was made in Flash, it was done tradigitally. Animators drew all the keys and inbetweens, then clean-up team took it over and clean up every drawings afterward.

Also, check out behind the scene video :)