Monday, November 02, 2009

Fashionably Late for Halloween

Because I spent too much time caring about Christmas.

So we had costume competition last Friday at Warner Bros. I was pretty amazed how a lot of people were able to make their own elaborate costume. They must be missing their work deadlines putting those outfits together.

This is Daniel Bejines, aka Iron Giant, aka the winner.

Another winner. It's a tie between Iron Giant and Rainbow Bright.
(left to right)Alfred Gimeno, Missy Moore, and Jennie Hoffer.

Home-made Master Roshi and Captain Kirk, too occupied to pose for my camera.
(left to right) Awesome Master Roshi, Stuart Livingston


Mr.Mr. said...

Wow,..they don't mess around!

dana w said...

what did that guy use to make the eyes light up for the iron giant costume?

fawn, i'm with you on christmas. halloween can suck it hard.

Steve Umbleby said...

Fawn, I love your little marker-looking sketches! So simple but full of energy and story!

Fawn said...

Matt- Did you dress up as Santo? Or Santo dressed up as you?

Dana- I think it was some sort of closet light. When he tapped on it to turn it on, it gave out a creepy deep humming sound. May be that was all in my head.

Steve- Aww thanks:)