Friday, August 28, 2009

Puppies Dressed As Cats

"No one wants to see puppies dressed as cats! How about CONAN dressed as a freakin' cat? Huh? Huh?" - Angry Puppy

Don't get it? Watch this bit from Thursday's The Tonight Show on Hulu.


DebRiver said...

OMG that was the cutest thing EVER!!!!

I want that design on a shirt now!

Tapan Gandhi said...

haha i hardly watch conan, but i did catch that one. the funny part was when he made that michael vick joke and panned back to those adorable puppies.

i love this little guy's expression

arlo ramz said...

pissed puppy.

Ryan Green said...

Deb: I wonder if Conan would wear it if I sent him a free copy.

Arlo: I missed a chance for alliteration?! Oh, no!

Steve Umbleby said...

I love your dog design Ryan! That episode was hilarious - I love checking your blog and catching the Conan-references.