Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tanuki poses


Tapan Gandhi said...

These are great, Ryan!

I love the super twinkly eyes in the top ... right corner. Sorry, it takes me a while to figure direction-type things out.

And I agree, I like these designs the best, I feel like you're getting the most out of his facial expressions with this design.

arlo ramz said...

hahaha @ the top right corner.
that's sorta the look i have when i see something delicious..

Ryan Green said...

I want Tanuki to have a sympathetic look to contrast his more bastardly actions. He's a bit of a drinker and freeloader.

Arlo: Something IN-N-OUT? :P

Art Fan Ako said...

Raccoon that's full of personality!


sympathetic look??



seriously...good exploration.
what's the plan with this dude and his balls?

Ryan Green said...

Ako: Thanks for stoppin' by!

Tyree: Without giving too much away regarding story and format, I'll just say I have a project in mind for Tanuki, if I can achieve a character design that's the right tone.

As for the anatomy of the design...I feel the balls are not only a great identifying trait, but also key to the history of what a tanuki is. They symbolize the character's carnal desires (which I'll never take to a pornographic level), just as the big, round belly and the ever-present sake bottle represent his levels of over-consumption.

I'd like to keep Tanuki voiceless, so he comes across more like an animal who just happens to steal your food and hit on your women.

Allison said...

Hahahah these are great!

mikecarloooyeah said...

Wow these are sweat man.