Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ripening Tanuki

I've been all over the place with my Tanuki designs. Initially, I had given him quite a bit of detail, but I wasn't nailing that fox-like appearance that the actual animal has. Then I experimented with simpler shapes, but I always felt that the face didn't have the same appeal that the Kyoto sculptures have. Trying to meet somewhere in the middle always made Tanuki generically cartoony.

I'm really liking this version, as he's the closest to my default drawing style, but I'm concerned that he's too Disney-ish (is that a negative thing?). I feel like his face has the most instant appeal out of any design I've drawn so far.


arlo ramz said...

So that's what your icon is!!
I really really like this one. You got the cute factor here.

and he's gonna be red? I can get use to that.

Ryan Green said...

Yeah...I do feel this one is cuter. This face gives me the same feeling as when I first saw the statue in Kyoto.

His design is not completely set yet, so I'll take any opinions on color. My goal was to avoid totally naturalistic color and give him something a bit more unique...yet not go to gaudy flourescent colors. Since he is a shapeshifter, his other forms need to be colored in the same identifiable palette.

Deb River said...

i like this model as well as the color. he does remind me of Miko from Pocahontas though. IDK if thats a bad thing to you but overall, I approve. :D

Ryan Green said...

Deb: I can see the Meeko resemblance. I still don't know if I should be concerned about Disney similarities or not. The structural sensibilities that have been established in Disney characters are too ingrained in my drawing style now. I think finishing technique has a lot to do with whether or not something looks like a Disney character. Having Tanuki look like a painted cel instantly associates him with an animated character, rather than an illustration, I suppose.