Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ded Babiez

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Ded Babiez Skate Gang?!

1) You need to own a skateboard!
2) You need to have mad skating skillzzzz!!!
3) You need to have killed a baby!

Ok...ok...we can probably let #3 slide...and come to think of it, #2's not that important either.

So what's up with this skate gang? Basically, we had a quarter-life crisis and bought skateboards a few months ago. Former co-worker (and skateboard owner), Arlyne, decided to take it one step further, naming us the "Ded Babiez." So beware (especially you babies), cuz we're out on the streets and we're outta control!

Applications can be sent to

Peace out, bitchezzzzzz...


Stuart L said...

Ded Babiez

Deb River said...

yo hom3z!

why must I have to s3nd in an application. Shit man I though w3 w3r3 cool.

fuck that, I still want in. And i b3 b3 bringing my little Homi3 the Po3 Po3. H3 cool too bro, no worri3s.

Just n33ds to g3t me a d3ck now yo.

lat3z and much lov3

Stephanie R. said...

I don't own a skateboard, and I don't have any "skllzzz" that I know of.... and I haven't killed any babies. But joining your gang has been my life long dream since I first saw this post 2 minutes ago!! Please let me be a Ded Babie!!

I promise I'll kill one tomorrow, or at least give one a really mean look.

Stephanie R. said...

Deb, when you get up, I swear I'm going to pop off your "3" key from your key board. Someones got to.

Deb River said...

33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 HAT3R!!!!!!!

Puga Vida said...

OH really? well Vatos I regret to inform you suckas but i have my own skate gang called THE SKATE DEEEED BABIES X13!! formerly the Skate Farries but i had to change it due to it being a lil too gay. oh and our gang uses razors and heelies cuz we cant balance on skateboards. WOOT WOOT

Fawn said...

We need to recruit a translator for the second message and any future gangster applicants.

arlo ramz said...


Ryan Green said...

Stuart: You gotsta love the irony! Welcome to the gang.

Deb: Damn, are so ghetto. We likes. You in.

Steph: You think you can come in here, not follow ANY of our rules, and expect to join? Well we actually embrace peeps who disregard the rules. You in, too.

Puga: I'd tell you to get off our turf, but our gang would actually enjoy watching your gang on heelies. Skate on.

arlo ramz said...

hahaha, to your comment earlier: like salt, blood makes everything taste better!


Stone said...

does being a quadriplegic and scooting yourself forward with the nubs of your elbows count as skating? if so, I'm all over that.

Ryan Green said...

Stone: Did something...uhhhh...happen to you since we last saw you?