Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chowder Checks Serving Size, So Can You.

Back in March, I was contacted by Sixpoint Harness Studios to direct and storyboard a commercial of my favorite show "Chowder" This was part of Cartoon Network's Get Animated campaign. I got on the conference call and they mentioned head bangs, ripped sleeves, sparks, flame, Angus Young, and I was thinking this will be a fun ride.

Here's the credit to the talented peeps at Sixpoint Harness:
Animation: James Krenzke, Mac Whiting, Jaime Velasquez, and Joe Kossuth
Layout: Chris Toms, Angelo Vilar
Background: Gerald de Jesus
After Effects / Editing: Tony Christopherson

Tony figured out how to do the texture thingy so we get the same look from the actual show. I was so excited that we were able to do this entirely in Flash and After Effects. Go Flash!

For fun I posted the animatics so you can see how things turned out from the boards... the final animation.


Ryan Green said...


Deb River said...

I remember you showing me this. :D I still likes it, :D

dana w said...

nice, fawn. that's awesome!

potato farm girl said...

Yay! I have a feeling though Chowder will not take his own advice. Good job, cute!

Fawn said...

Hahaha Brianne-If Chowder gets all skinny and off model in their future episodes, we'll know why.

Deb-I'm glad I'm glad.

Dana-Thanks! Hope we all learn about the serving size.

Cookie boxes are tricky, especially 10,000 calories girl scout's cookies. I'll just fool myself that it's only one serving for the entire box.

L. D. Torres said...


my favorite show too, thanks for making my life a happier place ;)