Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Blend

We weren't around for Halloween, so I didn't get a chance to post a drawing for the holiday. Here's one to keep the October vibe alive.
And looking ahead to Christmas (I know...poor, neglected Thanksgiving), I'll share the song, "Tennessee Christmas" by Amy Grant. My mother would always start the year's holiday music with "Amy Grant: A Christmas Album." Just hearing the first few guitar notes of the first song gives me the Pavlovian response of "holiday mood."

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have access to Alias Sketchbook Pro at work. This is THE best program I've ever used for digital drawing. It's like sketching on paper, but with an undo button! Lately, I've been using a thinner lineweight than usual, which has allowed me to have higher detail in my drawings. Here're two from this week...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Fawn and I recently returned from a week in Thailand and one-and-a-half weeks in Japan. While in Kyoto, Japan, I discovered my newest obsession...the tanuki! Sculptures of this racoon dog animal (giant testicals and all) were outside many shops, restaurants, and homes in Kyoto.

I kept a travel journal/sketchbook while on vacation. While Fawn did some kimono-browsing in a crowded shopping street, I stood outside a souvenir store, drawing one of the porceline tanuki statues. The owner, an older woman, spotted my interest and came outside with a piece of paper in her hand. Even though I made it clear that I knew very little Japanese, she continued to talk to me and pointed at her paper. The paper held only Japanese lettering, so I couldn't read anything on it. After some pantomiming and pointing, the woman finally communicated that the paper held the history of the tanuki (either that or the warning, "You draw, you buy! Now I call police!"). I need to find someone to translate it for me, but I'm sure it's probably close to what I researched online.

Here's Fawn, posing next to one of the statues.

I've been drawing tanukis all week...

One with color...and no genitals...

We'll be posting more vacation sketches and photos soon.

Slugz Scribblez with Stripez

Just got back from vacation on Sunday. I thought I'd pop these sketches up before Fawn and I get to our "reports."