Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Scary Shenanigans" Anthology Coming Soon

Lionel Ordaz, a director working with Fawn and me, gathered a handful of storyboard artists and one designer to create an anthology comic. We each did 6-page stories (actually some did less, some did more), as well as concept art revolving around "scary imagery." The artwork was completed and assembled last week and it's now on its way to the printer. We'll have more details on how to purchase this 48-page anthology in November.

This spooky cover was designed by Lionel Ordaz. Contributers to "Scary Shenanigans" are Fawn, Lionel, and I, as well as Stuart Livingston and Todd Oman.

And having nothing to do with our comic...I sketched another dinosaur last night after work. Some day I will have a book with nothing but dinosaurs inside!


Maritze said...

Thanks for comment on my blob. Love the little Dinosaur. Great expression too!

Bob said...

please make a dinosaur book!

Tapan Gandhi said...

ryan, add me to the list of ppl that would love to see ur dinosaurs have their own book

can't wait to find out more about scary shenanigans!