Sunday, October 05, 2008

Loungin' in Little Tokyo

Fawn and I spent the day in Little Tokyo, eating a variety of "meat on a stick" and sketching. I was pleased with this sketchbook page, mainly because of the hands in the middle. They belonged to an old woman who had joined her two friends at the table next to us. It appeared that they had met at that exact table on many occasions, possibly daily. As the three of them gabbed, the woman with "the hands" pulled out a harmonica and blew fragments of a song from time to time.

The drawings of Fawn at the bottom look really young, now that I see them again. It's amazing how the smallest adjustment of facial features can instantly swing a person's age from 26 to 16.

And this guy wins the "coolest man to sketch" award for the day. I slipped a little color onto him in Photoshop.

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Tobias Schwarz said...

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