Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anniversary Animation...Thanks, Fawn!

Four years ago, Fawn and I were getting to know one another over Korean food in Columbus, Ohio. She had the beef bulkoki and I ordered the hot braised chicken. We casually chatted while slowly picking at our plates with our chopsticks. At the end of the meal, our waitress brought us the customary after-dinner orange slices. We paid the bill and walked outside...and then stumbled onto the nearest bullet train to 2007, zipping past the rest of art school and three cities of animation jobs. Where did the time go?!

Yesterday morning, on our 4-year anniversary, Fawn handed me a CD with the words, "To Ryan" on the blank, white surface. As I booted my computer, my mind skipped through options of what could be burned on it. Was it music? A collection of pictures? A pirated movie, perhaps? As I loaded the single file on the disk I was greeted with this animation:


So cute! Thank you!

What's the deal with the fish, you ask? To illustrate my point that Fawn has an easier time making new acquaintances, I once described her appearance as "a cute, little, helpless fish, floating in the water." When people come across a cute, little, helpless fish, they will most likely say, "Awwww...look at that cute, little, helpless fish! Let's give it some food or take it home or something!" It's a deceptively powerful image to embody. Her routine worked on me, I guess.


Natalie said...

OMG! Not only was that a very cute clip, but that you guys ROCK! Congrads on 4 years! And may you both have a million more! :)

potato farm girl said...

One of the cutest couple stories ever!