Friday, July 27, 2007

Coast to Coast

Yes, yes, we know...we've been neglecting our website and blog. When our cyber-front becomes THIS stagnant, you can bet that things are movin' in our real world. After a year of being stationed in NYC, a great opportunity popped up on the west coast, so we packed up Bluefoot Studios and moved to the Los Angeles area (Studio City, more specifically). This is it! No more moving for a while!

Goodbye, NY...

...Hello, LA!
So, what brought us out here? Well, I needed liposuction and Fawn wanted a boob job. No...actually, we were offered the chance to animate on two TV shows in California right as the east coast industry was hitting a major lull. Fawn's production, "El Tigre," can be seen on Nickelodeon at 10:30am, Saturdays. She's doing some high-energy, symbol-based animation with those well-designed (and digitally heavy!) Mexican characters through Six Point Harness in Hollywood. I'm animating on a new show for Cartoon Network Studios called "Out of Jimmy's Head." This will be the network's first live action series...and to make the segway logical, they're compositing animation on top of the film footage.
As we were strolling through the NY Comicon in February, we had no idea we'd be attending the San Diego counterpart a few months later. Fawn and I won't be at any particular booth this time, but on Saturday, if the crowds part and you happen to see a 6'6" guy in a flannel walking next to a short Thai girl with glasses, say hi! We'll be geeking out over our favorite artists, I'm sure.



Bluefoot children kick butt on two coasts.

Thanks for being such cool people to visit.... It really was good to see you both doing so well...

All the best,


Natalie said...

Rock on peoples! Rock on!

I miss you guys with a passion! I hope you are enjoying your new lives and getting comfortable with your beautiful surroundings!!! :)