Saturday, April 14, 2007

a fresh eye

The development of our personal, Bluefoot projects has a slow-motion, "back and forth" flow to it. About 95% of our artistic efforts are thrown to the wolves that are our PAYING gigs. When we get the chance, though, we rummage through our catalogue of personal properties and push the development one stage further.

One of our oldest projects is the short, "Caveman." When I say "oldest," I mean pre-Bluefoot Studios (early 2004, I believe). Fawn and I collaborated on the visuals of a script she wrote. At that time we were still animating on paper, not even aware of this amazingly powerful program called Flash. We made it about 3/4 of the way through the rough animation when our first, big, paying project came to us. We founded Bluefoot Studios and spent the next couple of months pumping out the opening credits for the children's feature film, Career Day. From that point forward, work just kept coming our way. When we finally got the opportunity to go back to Caveman again, our artwork had evolved so much that we felt it'd be better to scratch all of the pencil animation and start fresh. This image shows a new approach to the character...cutifying him by making his proportions more childlike. We also pulled his design back toward the human end of the evolutionary scale. Our old design was much more ape-like.

"Slugz" has been around for a long time, as well (started in 2003). Oddly enough, even before I grasped what Flash could do for animation, I played with the program and the Slugz characters. I invented these simple, yet structurally squishy beings just to abuse while I experimented with the program. These poor, mushy mollusks were flattened by rocks and sprinkled with salt. Since these early tests, I was able to develop a story and bible for the series with Tom Davis through Topic Design Group. The property was submitted to a major network, but the story wasn't picked up. Under Bluefoot Studios, Fawn and I took another stab at the premise, giving it a more personal, fresh feel. This image shows some more recent character studies.

So what's the next Bluefoot project that will reach completion? We can't say yet. As our company has grown, we've craved the chance to display our own voice more and more. Doing work for a client has many rewards, but there's nothing like having the opportunity to tell your OWN story once in a while. Hopefully you'll get to hear one soon.

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Clinton said...

I dig your character designs! They look great!