Friday, April 13, 2007

character experimentation

I finally got the chance to present my batch of designs. This first page was inspired by the movie, Pan's Labyrinth. I played with varied body types and for the finished figure, pushed my style to something more graphic than I usually design.

This second set was inspired by Pierre Alary's French comic "Belladone." Pierre's art is very Disney-like (as he worked for Disney France when they were in production), so I tried to create a more Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon-styled look for a fencing female.

Lastly, I did some character design brainstorming for one of our new Bluefoot productions (working title of "Sam vs. Nature") that we've been developing. This is one of the designs of Sam that I turned into a full page of poses. Honestly, though, he will probably appear completely different after he's refined and pushed into a less Disney-looking feel.

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The Gaber's Sketchblog said...

I dön't think "Sam vs Nature" löoks Disney. All of your sketches look incredible.