Monday, February 26, 2007

NYC Comic Con 07 : Fawn's report

We arrived at the Javis Convention Center at 9 am. The building is located along side Hudson river between 34th about 40th st. I had a lot of people telling me how crowded it would be. But I only saw one Star Wars soldier standing all alone at the entrance.

Then it got really really busy afterward. You can probably tell that Ryan took this picture since the horizon line is way above the ground.

I saw a billboard of an audition for Stan Lee's Who Wants To Be a Superhero. But I knew I had too many super powers that it would be hard for Stan Lee to judge whether I could save the world or not.

Ryan and Ellen's feather duster.

Animation Collective crew. We hung out at the booth all morning and did quite a few drawings for Kappa fans. It was really cool drawing the characters on an actual paper with no undo button.

Happy Ryan with happy Guano. I secretly wanted Guano to go for a match with Picachu from the other booth. I think it would make a good YouTube post.

Play Station booth. They totally pimped Toyota's Yaris out by adding Guitar Hero in the trunk. Great game, although I'm not very good at it.

I've been wanting this Mimobot USB port. Too bad, for the price of this little 2GB hard drive, I can buy a decent 100 GB external hard drive.

Then it was time to go home. May force be with you.