Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hey Heeeeey...Bye Bye Bye...

My current wallpaper. Fawn says he looks like he's in a boyband. He must be pondering his place in the universe...or just thinking, "Do I look hot in this hat?"

Oh...and in case you're wondering why you can't find Ellen's Acres on TV...Cartoon Network has pushed the premiere back to January. I'll be more specific about air dates/times when I found out.


Emily said...

Hey guy! This is Emily, wanted to let you know that I did get into CCAD this semester (almost done, can't believe it and can't wait to sleep regularly during break!) and things are going well. I was very excited to see the pictures from thailand, fawn's face on the one photo when the heat was mentioned too many times is priceless. =D Hey, I've been watching Kappa Mikey and staring at the credits, but I can't seem to see your names... Which parts do you do and does your name appear on there at all? Anywho, I wish you both the greatest success and keep in touch!!

Anonymous said...

Ellen's Acres has been canceled

Sadly, after only two weeks Ellen's Acres has been canceled by Cartoon Network. If you have not gotten a chance to see the show now's your chance. You will see that Ellen's Acres is highly colorful and imaginative for pre schoolers.

You can watch Ellen's Acres here:

You can watch Ellen's Acres here:

Jackie said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who feels this way. :) My niece was disappointed too when Ellen's Acres wasn't airing anymore. I wish there were more shows like this and I don't normally watch children's shows. I happened to watch and episode or two, just to see why my niece liked the show so much. I was pleasantly surprised at how Ellen's Acres mixes fun and education in a way that is appealing to parents and kids. We need more, not less of this kind of entertainment.

Thanks for mentioning this wonderful show.